Be the backbone of the band or ensemble with drum lessons from a local teacher. Many drum teachers local to Las Vegas have performed professionally all over the country and world. Here at Music Lessons Las Vegas you can find drum teachers proficient on individual percussion instruments like snare or timpani, on the drum kit, and on pitched percussion instruments like the marimba or vibraphone. Have a look at some of our local instructors and reach out to get started with drum lessons or other percussion instruments today.

Private Drumming Lessons in Las Vegas, NV.

Learning how to drum can be a fun journey for all types of drummers. Most people interested in drumming love rhythm, and learning the drums is mainly learning rhythm, timing, and hand skills (chops). Having the ability to be in Las Vegas and learn from successful drum teachers that have crazy unique experience on The Strip and being in some of the biggest bands in the world - you need to take advantage to learn from them best! Las Vegas drum lessons are done weekly at your requested time/day. You go home and practice the rest of the week until you come back for the next lesson where you'll be picking up from where the last lesson left off. Find the best drum instructor for you below and reach out today!

Our Drum Lesson Instructors:

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