About MLLV

Music Lessons Las Vegas (MLLV) is a local database that connects you to the industry’s highest leading music instruction available in Las Vegas, NV. Whether you’re looking to develop a skill in music or to enhance your current skills; having a private music instructor with years of experience teaching you one on one will help you grow immensely. Whether you’re booking lessons for your kids, yourself, or for a senior citizen; and no matter their musical interests, skill level, or passion – you can find the teacher to help you attain your goals & explore your interests here. With our local directory of musicians, you can find the right instructor that is passionate about teaching you how to play instruments such as: guitar, piano, violin, voice, and many more. The list goes on and on including tutoring on topics like songwriting, composition coaching & music theory at the collegiate and professional level. Reach out to the teacher of your choice to get started on your musical training experience today.

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A Message from the Company

Music Lessons Las Vegas aims to both educate and inspire students of all levels and ages by connecting you to local teachers. We accomplish this through a unique approach tailored specifically to the Las Vegas Market including ease of communication between local students and teachers, community events, and much more.  What ever your musical goals, your teacher will not only get you there – they’ll make it fun along the way!

Worley Music

Worley Music is the not only the parent company of Music Lessons Las Vegas, but also the parent company of many other music-based businesses servicing the local Las Vegas market.  Find out about our other divisions here.

Patrick Worley

Music Lessons Las Vegas’s owner Patrick Worley’s personal website, offering private lessons, live and studio music for your event, downloadable video and audio content, and much more.

About the Owner

Music Lessons Las Vegas is a division of Worley Music, owned and operated by Patrick Worley.  Patrick is classically trained, a university music faculty member, holds three music degrees including a masters of music education with honors, and a former Nashville session musician.  As an educator, Patrick is patient and motivating.