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Music Lessons Las Vegas

7643 Houston Peak St, Las Vegas, NV 89166

(702) 415-4412

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Mandolin Lessons

The mandolin is an instrument that's very near and dear to our hearts.  An incredibly versatile instrument, you'll be right at home playing anything from versions of Bach violin pieces on it to bluegrass standards.  We at Music Lessons Las Vegas are experienced playing all kinds of styles on a mandolin; let us share it with you through private lessons.

Patrick [of Music Lessons Las Vegas] is an exceptional music instructor.  He is patient and kind which is very important to those of us who are taking on a new instrument after age 50.  He individualizes to meet student preferences or requirements.  He makes difficult passages easier to handle by pinpointing problems and demonstrating how to practice to improve skills.  He is an awesome musical talent who can inspire the rest of us to accomplish our goals and to enjoy playing our instrument.

Pam S.

Nashville, TN

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Mandolin Fact #1

Classical music origins, Antonio Vivaldi actually wrote music for the instrument (around 1725).

Mandolin Fact #2

8 strings but each string is doubled, so its really like you have 4 strings.

Mandolin Fact #3

Tuned the same way as a violin.