Music Lessons Las Vegas proudly hosts local guitar lessons available for all ages, levels, and styles. No matter if you're the parent of a very young child (some have taught kids as young as four years old with great results), a retired guitar enthusiast who always had an interest in learning and now has the time, or an advanced guitar player looking to prepare for a collegiate audition or competition. Local instructors are happy to help you attain your own unique goal in learning how to play the guitar with private lessons in Las Vegas, NV. The guitar is known for its friendliness towards the beginner level guitarist. Many starting out musicians tend to learn how to play the guitar first due to its reputation of being easy. While it is an instrument for which most can get the basics down quickly; it is quite a difficult instrument to learn to play well. Some well known composers who don’t actually play guitar but write for it, credit it as being one of the more difficult instruments to understand. All the more, you’ll need a qualified teacher for guitar lessons that has the experience of teaching at the level you’re at now. Luckily you can find plenty here; have a look at the profiles below and reach out to a local guitar teacher today. Did you know: While the first guitars originated from Spain, the instrument had many predecessors that influenced the design of it as we know it today. Some of these include the European lute, the Middle Eastern oud, and the Spanish Vihuela among others; all of which are also plucked string instruments. Some of these influences date to ancient Babylonia - over 3,000 years ago! Despite all of its influential precursors, the modern guitar as we know it wasn’t designed until around the mid 1800’s. Advancements such as the electric guitar did not appear until the 1930’s. This rich history of the guitar certainly contributes to it being among the most popular instruments today. Browse through our listed instructors to contact and start your lessons today!

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