Music Lessons Las Vegas proudly hosts local guitar lessons from teachers available to teach all age groups, experience levels and styles. No matter if you're the parent of a very young child (some of our instructors have taught kids as young as four years old with great results), a retired enthusiast who always had an interest in learning and now have the time, or an advanced guitar player looking to prepare for a collegiate audition or guitar competition. Our local guitar instructors are happy to help you attain your own unique goal in learning to play the guitar with our customized private lessons in Las Vegas.

Private Lessons with the Best Guitar Instructors in Las Vegas, NV

When it's a passion to play the guitar, you find a way to practice and play all the time already. Taking lessons will help you advance your skills quicker because of the way you focus your time practicing each week. Our instructors will find out where your guitar skills are currently, what your goals are for advancing, preferred music style, and the pace you want to learn at; Then they custom tailor your lessons so you learn the way you need to. This can't be done in big classes with dozens of students in them. Having a private guitar tutor will allow you to learn the best way that suits you and meets your needs and your timeline. Each guitar instructor we have is an experienced professional with the knowledge and materials needed to teach effectively. All of our Las Vegas guitar lessons are taught at our music studio or around town in private settings where teaching is ideal. Kids will always be accompanied by their parent or guardian whether it's in the studio room or in the waiting room. Every year our company holds 2 recitals for our students to play live in front of an audience. The student will practice the piece they want to play as well as learn skills on how to perform live. Friends and family are invited to join us and watch their loved one showcase their new skills! Guitar recitals are always fun because of the showmanship most of our students have with this specific instrument. Browse through our guitar instructors below and reach out today to book your first lesson with us!

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