One of the few instruments that can hold its own in a wide variety of musical settings, the violin is at home when played solo, in an ensemble, or in an orchestra. An incredibly versatile instrument, the violin can play classical, Celtic, or folk and fiddle tunes with ease… when you’ve had the proper training of course! Get that training from a local violin teacher from the profiles below.

Violin Lessons in Las Vegas - Private Tutoring

Whether you're looking to learn violin to play in an orchestra, or just to play as a hobby at home, we have the right instructors for you. Seniors, kids, experts and beginners are all welcome to learn how to play the violin here at MLLV. Whichever pace you prefer to learn in, goals you have with the instrument, or learning style, our violin instructors will tailor your private lessons to fit your needs.

Our Violin Instructors:

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