Let your inner star shine with voice lessons from one of the many professional singers here in Las Vegas. Many vocal artists (singers) come from all over the world to perform professionally here - which gives you the unique opportunity to take singing lessons from the best of the best! Find a vocal coach who sings in a show, on a cruise ship, or has taught professional recording artists here in Las Vegas. Some of our instructors have regular gigs on The Strip as lead singers or backup singers for major artists and shows. Sign up with us today and start your voice lesson journey with us.

Voice Lessons Las Vegas - Private Vocal Instructors

Private voice lessons are done in one of our music lesson studios around town in Las Vegas. Our instructors all have great experience and have been on journeys in their music careers that give them very helpful insights for teaching. One on one teaching is our preferred method at MLLV. When a student is learning how to sing, it helps to not have other people around that make the student feel uneasy or like they're being watched. This is why we believe private voice lessons are the way to go. Without the classroom full of students with different skill levels, self-esteem for singing can be nurtured properly. Using our voices as instruments is a beautiful thing. Learn how to use yours with Las Vegas voice lessons today.

Our Voice Lesson Instructors:

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