Instructor Photo Andrew Naughton

Andrew Naughton

Categories: Percussion/Drum


Andrew is happy to teach students of all ages, backgrounds and skill level. Whether you are just starting out or looking to push yourself to a higher level, he can help you build up the tools in your personal arsenal to continue growing musically.


Andrew's philosophy is revolved around creating a well-rounded, thinking percussionist. You will never stop learning while studying music, Andrew strives for his students to become thinking musicians which means not only learning how to play percussion (techniques, rudiments, exercises, solo repertoire, method books/literature), but to understand the building blocks that will help push them into more advanced levels of performance.


Andrew Naughton decided to pursue his career in music through attending Adams State University starting in 2013 studying under Dr. James Doyle III. In that time Andrew had been a part of many of the school’s various ensembles and was a part of forming the following groups; Samba Group (Tambores De Fuego, ASU), Drumline (Alpine Backbeats), Steel Band Group (7543 Panhandlers),  ASU Winds and Percussion, and Music of the America’s Project Jazz Band. The steel band and samba band have both gone on tour for 3 year running throughout the cities of the four corners region, performing at various schools. In 2017 Andrew was the Master of Ceremonies and led assemblies of between 200 and 500 elementary students, teaching West African Drumming, we came again once a year for a couple days until the COVID-19 Pandemic struck. Andrew Naughton performed alongside the Adams State Music Department in 2019 at the Colorado Music Educators Association, performing a project led by Dr. James Doyle III titled “Music of the Americas Project.” Through this he researched, rehearsed and performed various percussion instruments and performed pieces that make up the music of the Americas. Music from Brazil, West Africa, Cuba and North America were featured along with many traditional instruments. Andrew has performed with Japanese Educator and clarinetist, Chiho Sugo, and internationally acclaimed violinist, Chloe Trevor, premiering the piece, Xochiquetzal by Robert Xavier Rodriguez in Alamosa, Colorado.


Andrew Naughton obtained his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in percussion through the University of Nevada in Las Vegas under Timothy Jones and Dean Gronemeier. In Andrew’s brief time at UNLV he has performed as a drumline at the Mandalay Bay, performed marimba band at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and at the Waterstreet District, recorded an Album with the UNLV Wind Orchestra with Multi-Grammy winning drummer Bernie Dresel, performed with the UNLV Orchestra conducted by Grammy winner Virko Baley, and he teaches the undergraduate general education course titled, "History of Rock n' Roll" at UNLV. Andrew has experience teaching lessons to college students, teaching k-12 band, large assembly world music education for schools across Durango and performing various percussion gigs in Colorado and Las Vegas.